METAL BABIES – Metal gear for your little demon.

Metal Babies is the ORIGINAL all heavy metal baby/toddler clothing company, started back in 2003 by metal artist Mark DeVito.

Mark had been designing shirts, flyers, backdrops and merchandise of all kinds, for such bands as Metallica, Exodus, Laaz Rockit, Legacy (Testament) and a slew of local Bay Area metal bands since the early 80’s. When he and his wife had their first child, Mark was working at a screen print shop, and decided instead of doing laundry, he threw a couple of black onesies onto a press, and printed up a few “Lord of this Crib” and “Never Say Diaper” baby duds for his newborn son to wear. Once folks around town saw his son donning these cool clothes, it just blew up from there.

Mark was invited to tour Ozzfest twice, selling his line of heavy metal baby clothes across the entire United States for a couple of summers, garnering a huge response from the metal community, as well as a few bands. Mark signed Twisted Sister, Dio, Exodus, Testament, Death Angel, Zakk Wylde, and a host of others to build a mighty heavy metal empire of kids clothes and accessories.

He had a great run, but due to changes in the retail weather, and loads of knockoffs, Mark shuttered the biz after a great 14 year long streak.

Now, Metal Babies has resurfaced, and partnering with Vision Merch, Metal Babies can offer again, these cool kids clothes.

Stock up for your little demon, or buy some to give to new parents, these designs will keep everyone chuckling for days.

Metal Babies. Don’t let your kid leave the house looking like an Easter Egg.